5 Buying Mistakes to Avoid

The decision to purchase a sauna is an exciting time, however, some buyers rush into making a purchase without being fully informed. Even times when someone believes that they are making an informed decision, there are several common sauna buying mistakes that one could unknowingly fall into. It is important to know what to look out for in order to make the right decision and not suffer from buyer's remorse. Below, we will highlight the top buying mistakes for you to avoid so that you can make an educated decision and the right choice.

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Choosing The Cheapest Model

Although a rock bottom price tag may be enticing and save you money upfront, it will almost always end up costing more in the long run. Low-end saunas tend to be less energy efficient, will need repairs more often and are likely to have critical parts that need to be replaced sooner.

Instead of making your decision solely based on the price tag, consider what the overall cost of the sauna will be during its lifetime. A more expensive model will have better energy efficiency, a more substantial warranty and require minimal maintenance and cleaning - definitely worth it in the long run.

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Not Considering Maintenance Time 

If you are thinking about purchasing a traditional steam sauna you must consider the maintenance that comes associated with it. The reason why traditional steam saunas require more maintenance is because moisture is introduced. You will need to clean the sauna with an antibacterial cleanser and constantly drain the heating element. If moisture sits in your sauna for too long it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. One of the biggest perks of choosing an infrared sauna is the low maintenance that comes with it. Infrared sauna maintenance is very simple and does not take long to do.

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Light and Window Placement

If you want to read inside the sauna or if you are going with an outdoor model and want extra windows make sure you plan carefully because the holes can only be cut once. Often times the customer becomes frustrated because the lights and windows were installed without anyone telling them to consider their use and location of the sauna.

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Choosing the Wrong Location

Before you rush to buy a sauna, the location of where you want to put it needs to be carefully thought out. If you are thinking of an indoor model you want a room that can accommodate the sauna and still have enough room so you can easily swing the door open and carefully walk in and out. Flooring is crucial to deciding where to place your sauna. The ideal room is one with a concrete, tile or laminate floor that can handle moisture and heat well. You also want a room with good ventilation so it prevents moisture retention and therefore makes it harder for bacteria and mold to grow. 

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Choosing a Basic Warranty

Often, in the excitement of shopping for saunas, buyers can forget to review the warranty. It is always best to decline a prorated warranty, as you will be responsible for partial repair costs which can quickly add up. Look for a good, reliable warranty and think of a comprehensive warranty as a solid investment against potentially costly repairs.

Now that you understand what the most common hot tub buying mistakes are, find out more about what options are available to you by calling a sauna expert in our team at 631-283-2837.