Cleaning Your Hot Tub and Sauna

Tips from Harbor Hot Tubs - by Jordan Marie Martinez

In order to reach the Personal Happiness Quotient Harbor Hot Tubs strives for, it’s important to maintain a clean and healthy hot tub and sauna. 

Maintaining a clean product like a hot tub and sauna can be as simple or as complicated as the owner makes it. One of the best steps is to check these products regularly. 

Sauna distributor Finnelo says to avoid painting the inside of the sauna so the wood can breathe the way it’s been built. “The simplest method of sauna maintenance is to keep a hand brush near the sauna door,” the company says on its website. Not only will this keep the sauna looking as great as the first day it was installed, it will prevent future, more serious complications.While there are sauna cleaners available, the site also advises using bleach and lightly sanding your sauna once a year.

For hot tub maintenance, Swim University says it’s never a bad idea to have multiple filters in case you need to replace the one in your hot tub unexpectedly. Another great filter tip is you can wash them in your dishwasher. “This will get the grease and gunk out of your filter with very little effort,” says owner of Pool Supply World Christian Carriger.

A no-brainer tip Cal Spas owner Rob Santos offers is draining your tub, cleaning it, and filling it back up. While it may sound expensive and harder work than necessary, it will most likely be less costly. Rather than dumping chemicals, which can get expensive fast, he says filling a hot tub can be as low as $15.

When it comes to repairing scratches and chips in your hot tub, Swim University gives examples of useful items to have on hand. For example, Plast-Aid 80400 is made specifically to patch up scratches; however, a car scratch repair kit can also do the job. After first draining and applying the material to the scratch, sand it then buff it out. Once you’ve buffed out all the scratches and cleaned your drained tub, all you have left to do is fill it back up.

Cleaning and repairing simple issues with hot tubs and saunas is not only important to keep up on, but also prolongs the life of your products. So, for your S 825 Infrared sauna, use that water-soaked hand brush right before you get out after enjoying your time inside. Although you may have a self-cleaning Model 695 Hydropool, stay attentive to your hot tub’s needs and clean or replace the filter when it becomes necessary.

Maintaining these products on a regular basis are sure-fire ways to reach that pHq Harbor Hot Tubs guarantees for all of its customers.

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