Providing Customer’s With the Personal Happiness Quotient

by Jordan Marie Martinez

Hot tubs are more than warm water in a contained area. They’re more than where they’re built, whether by a pool overlooking a green valley or above ground on the back porch of a winter cabin. 

To Ian Fyffe, owner of Sparking Pools and Harbor Hot Tubs, hot tubs and other relaxation devices are tools in which to improve one’s Personal Happiness Quotient (phq). In an interview with Lawrence LaRose for Shelter the Hamptons, Fyffe expresses his desire to share with his customers his own “tools to maintain serenity.” Traveling to India and several times to Peru, Fyffe’s spiritual journey weighs heavily into that serenity he wants to share with others. To him, it’s more about making his customers feel good and enjoy what he can offer, but to also help them acquire a “physical, mental, and spiritual well being.”

Utilizing Tibetan and Native American relaxation techniques, Harbor Hot Tubs offers a wide variety of hot tubs, massage chairs, and saunas built to calm and replenish anyone who uses their products. 

Consider the Bradford model for its versatile uses and looks. With a large tile (from oyster blue to pearl white) and shape selection (from Topsail to Hatteras), the tub is built specifically to fit one’s backyard oasis. 

In the way of saunas, Harbor Hot Tubs not only offers a number of different types of saunas, but also a number of features to enhance one’s tranquility. Energy saving features like soft lighting, speaker systems, and infrared waves to evenly distribute heat throughout one’s body are a surefire way to improve one’s phq.

Saunas and hot tubs are only two examples of products Harbor Hot Tubs excels in producing to improve its customer’s satisfaction, experience, and overall happiness. Relaxation and mediating are essential practices for the company, to the point where it’s strived to create exceptional products guaranteeing the customer will achieve the personal happiness he came here for. 

Ian Fyffe