Save Money with Your Hot Tub

Choosing an energy efficient sauna is one of the best ways to save money on your investment.  However, all saunas are not equal when it comes to energy efficiency, so it's important to know what to look for.


energy efficient sauna

Cost to You

Our products use very little energy and are designed to be energy efficient both at holding heat and delivering the heat. The majority of our infrared saunas plug in to 120 volt household circuits and our traditional sauna heaters are available in 120 volt models (for the smallest units) to energy efficient models that run on 240 volt household service. The typical energy use for our infrared units are $3 to $5 per month and $5 to $10 per month for our traditional saunas. 

sauna insulation


It is never wise to save on insulation, as a change will affect the output selection. Pay special attention to the ceiling. We always measure saunas fully thermally insulated. To get the most energy efficiency out of your sauna make sure to speak to one of our experts at 631-283-2837.

Heat Up Time

A big factor in sauna energy consumption is how long it takes for the sauna to reach optimal temperatures. Depending on the size an infrared sauna can be at desired temperatures in as little as 30 minutes whereas traditional saunas may take up to double that. The longer heating time increases energy consumption which ultimately makes it more expensive to run.

To talk about additional savings call us at 631-283-2837 , we're happy to help!

sauna heat up time