Sauna Installation Options

Sauna Installation Options 

Indoor Sauna  Installation

Indoor Installation

Indoor saunas are usually the more appealing choice because there are not many big changes you have to make in preparation. A big advantage is easy access to a water supply and connection to drainage systems. Also you will not need to worry about building a foundation in most cases depending on the exact location of the sauna. Lastly, being indoors eliminates the possibility of weather damage which can be costly.


Outdoor Installation

On the other hand, outdoor installations can be a great escape from your busy life and gives the feeling of a mini getaway. Taking advantage of nature scenery and the outdoor sensation can be a great addition to you home providing extra stress relief and comfort. 

You will also have the chance to play around with many different designs that are not confined to an indoor room, giving you a chance to be more creative with your sauna experience!

Although many benefits come from this choice you will have to consider extra building costs from the foundation to provide a stable structure, the additional electric and plumbing extensions and local building codes which we'll be happy to help you with at Harbor Hot Tubs. When you are ready gives a call at 631-283-2837 to discuss your options.