Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Swim spas often have mechanical and design flaws that can have a negative impact on the quality of your swim. Here's what to avoid:

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1. Rectangular channel designs with straight walls

This is a common design for swim spas, but rectangular designs create strong currents and intense back splash, so you'll want to avoid them. Instead, choose a swim spa with outcrops designed to eliminate back splash. Also avoid bench style seating, as this will create a choppy current.


2. Fire house style jets with air injection

This type of design employs several individually adjustable controllers to position the jets. Although this may seem like a great way to create a custom current, it actually makes this task very difficult. Models that allow both jets to be simultaneously adjusted will create a more even swim.


3. Pumps with low water volume

A swim spa with high water volume is essential to creating the perfect swim. If you're unable to use a wide, deep stroke in any swim spa, you'll want to look for a model that can hold more water.