Selecting the Right Design


Design of Hot Tub

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed seats are a surefire way to ensure swim spa comfort because they are designed to fit your body's shape. If the swim spa has lounger seats, make sure they are non-floating and that you can easily recline with your feet on the floor. If you float out of your seat, it will be difficult to stay comfortable.

Extra Features

There are a variety of additional design features that can make or break your comfort experience. The first of these is multi-level seating. When you want a swim spa that can fit all body types, multi-level seating is a must. Second, pay attention to the footwell. The footwell should be spacious, even if the swim spa is filled to capacity, so that no one feels cramped. Third, make sure that there are safety steps, especially if you have guests who may struggle to enter and exit the swim spa.

swim spa design

Last But Not Least

It's easy to overlook minor hot tub features like pillows, ice buckets and drink holders, but these things are also important to creating the most comfortable experience possible. Pillows should be comfortable, removable, and easy to clean.