Things to Consider when Buying a Swim Spa

If you're getting ready to invest in a swim spa, you want to choose a model that will deliver the perfect swim for you. To best achieve this, you'll need to consider many factors from water volume and speed to the type of current the swim spa provides. 


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The first thing to look for is an adjustable current. Regardless of your ability level as a swimmer, having an adjustable current will allow you to adjust your swim to an individualized level that is right for your fitness goals. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced swimmer, look for models that can be adjusted based on your current fitness level.

Pumps and Hydraulics 

You'll also want to find a swim spa whose hydraulic system is able to achieve a current with throw and catch. In this system, the current works like a conveyor belt, creating a smooth swim by eliminating turbulence. Your dealer will be able to point out models that use this type of hydraulic system.

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Next, pay attention to the jets. Make sure the current is large and wide and that there is little turbulence. One example of this type of jet system is Hydropool's Sweep 90 jets, which can literally shred the vortex as it leaves the jets, creating a flat, calm lane for swimming.


Finally, examine the design of the swim spa's channel and shell. The best shells are curved and designed to tame the current and prevent back splash.